Digital for Real Life

  • Martijn

    Thank you Nadeem, you are right to bring this up. What you are saying is not only true for interaction design, but also for many other disciplines like social media, art direction or strategy. It is good to know what happens around us and build on it (or away from it), but there is a huge difference between getting inspired and copying.

  • Michael Malone

    Good point. Every customer is unique so their design needs are going to be different. Perhaps “best practices” would be more suited to an email campaign but then isn’t every customer’s product different? In that case, best practices may be suited for execution and follow-up but not necessarily strategy.

  • Annabelle

    Thanks for raising this Nadeem, sometimes it seems that the term ‘best practices’ is used as insurance to avoid responsibility for any negative feedback. The term “Starting point” could allow for much more specific human centred design.

  • Babylonho

    Well said. I found this while looking for that Dilbert cartoon to pin above my desk for the benefit of my manager in a corporate dinosaur of a company.
    IMO “Best Practices” doesnt even exist. Admitting it does puts a halo of shame around the non-tryers and bullshitters. I rarely hear this from professionals with true skill and expertise. Just the chancers who bullshit their way through corporate IT departments in roles that involve no diversity or innovation.